Gianna4125’s Princess Hair | Styled it

Screenshot_35 Today I’m going to style this amazing hair by gianna4125! Great job and congratulations! Let’s take a moment to appreciated how nicely pixeled this hair is! I absolutely love the ombre of the hair~ Ok let’s get started!


Tip 1: Since this hair itself have quite some hair pieces on them, I don’t recommend you to wear anymore hair accessories. It’ll look too messy and not so pretty.


See what i mean?

Tip 2: Wear darker colours to make the hair pop! No not popping bubbles, but to make the hair stand out :3

Screenshot_27 Screenshot_23 Screenshot_20 Screenshot_22

Screenshot_21 Screenshot_24 Screenshot_25 Screenshot_29

Tip 3: Or you can wear it with the colour white.

Screenshot_31 Screenshot_26 Screenshot_32 Screenshot_33


For some reason this hair reminds me of sailor moon xD so…

Screenshot_34 TADA!!! Great costume for Halloween though~

Ok thanks for reading!


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