oml i found this searching in the deep interwebs

[originally posted on Some Asian Fantagian by lukeh2o]

I found Fantage’s Glassdoor page which, if you don’t know, is a website that lists businesses/websites/workplaces and its reviews/details/etc. Employees who have worked or work there currently can write reviews about their experience there, and look what I just found:


I couldn’t clearly see what each one said in their descriptions because I didn’t Sign Up for Glassdoor. I don’t like to randomly sign up for websites just to see something and I have no business with Glassdoor anyway. 😛

And when I saw this I was like, “REALLY?! OGM I THOT WORKIN AT FANTGE WAS LIKE EBST THANG EVA.” I’ve always just dreamt (wow on WordPress “dreamt” apparently isn’t a word because it has the red wave under it) of drawing hairstyles/clothing/boards and animating it and giving myself a ton of eCoins (before Gold came out) and all that.

~lukeh2o, PFYL

14 thoughts on “oml i found this searching in the deep interwebs

  1. Well, nobody really knows. I mean, they could be telling the truth, but they also could be past employees who got fired or something. Since everyone is anonymous, there is no way to find out.

    1. Fantage will last forever o oi. If not, can you imagine how much money they would have stolen!? I mean membership and stuff. Weell, I hope it will last for at least…1000000000 years?

    1. Idk… I never really got into her blog because I knew nothing about the fun of reading and writing blogs on WordPress. Sorry if this was only a repeat for you, though! 😛

  2. Hi Cloud82! I was just wondering…are you going to sell more gold? Your deals are awesome, and I am looking forward getting gold. If yes, I’ll try to answer as soon as possible!
    Thank you!

    1. Btw, can you try to reply at least until tomorrow? ( you see, I’d like to get the new unicorn limited items, but I barely have enough for them, and I doubt I can get enough gold to get everything I want by selling items…)
      Thank you!

  3. yup its sort of common news 😉 since the new management they are forced to work into the morning w/o being paid for overtime, the manager can come the day before evnt and say ‘do this’ whatever…. thats why fantage is becoming worse as well, the old management was so much better!

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