Hello people of Fantage. I’m Sunrise1200 with more edits I made! These are free edits you can do whatever you want with them I don’t care!


626FECANDY2        626FESPORTS

33 thoughts on “EDITS!

  1. Hmm, I’d like to actually see what these look like but the frickin WIFI AT THIS HOTEL SUCKS AND WON’T LET ME LOOK AT PICTURES. EURGH!!!
    I’m sure they’re beautiful, though. I won’t be able to see them for 6 days… 😥

      1. OMG OK for some reason they weren’t working yesterday. Now I can see them. My eyes burned out of their sockets from pure artistic genius.

  2. Hi-tech, candy girl, snowflakes…I just L💟VE your edits!!! I never made an edit before…anyways, keep on doing absolutely adorable edits!!! Hope I see you on Fantage 😊.

  3. I’m kinda late to answer xP, but are you Otaku Yuki-chan? I mean, I love Anime too!! I’m half Japanese, but I don’t live there. . .Did you see Vampire Knight, Fate Stay Night or Silver Spoon? ( some of my favourites!! ) you should really see them, they are awesome!!

      1. I forgot a coma…her name is only Yuki-chan, and I was asking if she was Otaku (anime fan). Sorry if my didn’t make my message clear 😯. Thanks for answering though 😁.

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