kitty1929’s Suit | Styled It

Harharhar I’m totally ripping off minitricia.

So today Fantage released user-inspired items at Orion’s made by kitty1929, of course. o.o She wins about every contest. I’m going to style the boy outfit she made! Here’s kitty1929’s Suit:


And here are some outfits to go with it! It’s already quite a formal look, so I suggest you don’t decorate it too much with accessories. It’s also black and white, so it’ll pretty much go on any colored items.

kitty1929suit styled it

  1. Business Man 2. Fancy Fantasy 3. Late-Night Dinner

4. Fashion Show Winner 5. Graduation Celebration

~lukeh2o, style for you later

11 thoughts on “kitty1929’s Suit | Styled It

  1. Ooh, neat! I think I’d like the first outfit the best if you used the second hair… 😛 Or the second hair with the third board… IDK, really. 😆

      1. True, and I imagine it must be even worse for guys. :/ Though I’ve been on guy accounts and there’s a lot of stuff I don’t see people wear a lot… I guess I have different tastes than most guy Fantagians. 😛

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