Honestly though.

Let’s talk about your “buddy list” on Fantage.

First, take a look at the definition of buddy:buddy


Most likely 99% of them are strangers and 1% are people you actually know LOL

TBH tho….

Literally there’s only like 2 people on my buddy list that I consider close friends. The rest of them are strangers to me.


Perhaps its just me, I ain’t good at socializing.. unlike the common white girl  at the Star Cafe LOOL

but yeh

I think Fantage should rename it. Maybe call it “A List of Random People”, because that’s what it feels like to me ;-;

I mean evertime I log onto Fantage, I rarely get messages… BUT WHEN I DO, it usually goes like:

P1: Hi

me: Hey

P1: Do u have anything fjs or ft? ouo

me: no sorry

p1 has logged out


P1: hey gurl 😉

Me: umm hi

P1: wanna be my wun?

Me: no…

P1 has deleted you



29 thoughts on “Honestly though.

  1. lol,because I accept basically everyone (except freaky new boy dudes (you never know if they are girls) and most people don’t even go on Fantage
    I have a few friends I knew from the start of Fantage, but now they’re in they’re own ways
    oh well, delete delete they go!

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