the selfie y’all been waiting for


a better version is posted on my Finsta->

yeah the lighting was great, i know LOLOL

so yeah

OOoOooo cloud82 has been EXPOSEDDD xD

and yeah im aye-sian

and my new name is pingpong

oh AND FYI IM NOT 12 but I look 12. I know :-3 its the beauty of being Asian LOOL

most of you guys already know my age I assume?? (I’m 16 in 2 months)



31 thoughts on “the selfie y’all been waiting for

  1. I’m Vietnamese… You look so much like one of my cousins and she’s 14 but looks 12 like you kind of do! Once you’re 40 you’ll look 25 I bet…
    And yeah I guess it’s normal when girls say other girls are “cute” but ok honestly from a guy and in their way you ARE cute AHAH im being awk

  2. Omg!!! You are soo pretty! Can u say…your nationality? Not where you live of course xD. Btw, I’m also Asian!! (Half Asian). Anyways, again, you are really beautiful! 😀

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