Unspoken Chemistry Pt. 4!

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Again, I apologize for the lack of regularly updating these stories. If this is your first time reading the “Unspoken Chemistry” series then here are the links to parts 1, 2, and 3!





He began pestering me with questions, asking me to drop hints about who I liked. I told him “You know him… You’re really close… etc…” Suddenly he said in a excited voice “You like Aidan!” It took me about 3 seconds for it to register in my mind that he had no clue that I liked him, so being the dingus I was, I said yes. He grinned at me and said “Don’t worry, I’ll hook you up!” I rolled my eyes, but inside I was cringing. Obviously Julian only saw me as a friend. I quickly changed the subject from Aidan to his crush. “So, who do you like?” he kinda smiled to himself and said “I like Miranda.” In my head, I facepalmed myself for thinking that I had a chance with someone like him. A perfect, perfect boy.

(The next day)

I woke up to a pair of ladybug socks, literally. When I opened my eyes I screamed and pushed them away from me, causing the pair of socks—– attached to a pair of feet attached to a leg attached to a body attached to a head. I widened my eyes in horror as I realized I had just pushed someone off my bed! Wait, why was this person in my bed in the first place??? I peeked down and it was Anna. She was hysterically laughing, and I couldn’t help but burst out laughing as well. A few girls around us woke up confused as to why we were awake so early, causing the ruckus. “Dude what the hell were you doing in my bed!” I finally managed to choke out. She stopped laughing and was like “Dude, I don’t know.” We interrogated everyone in the cabin, and they all claimed to know nothing. Anna and I had our suspicions though, and our suspicions were on Victoria. She was probably the only one in our cabin capable of picking everyone up. (Not that Anna was fat, but Victoria was quite strong) Penguin came out looking dazed and announced that everyone had to change for breakfast. We all rushed out to the cafeteria, where food was already getting ready to be served. By the end of breakfast, everyone had found out about the whole Anna being in bed with me incident and they all thought it was hilarious. Not for me, because I still don’t know what the heck happened that night.


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