Non-Fantage players react to Fantage outfits!

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So I’m at school with my friend, and I’ll be showing her some outfits from Fantage and she will react to them! (the sentences may not make sense because I’m literally typing word for word of what she’s saying).

  1. outfit1

Omg she looks like a sl*t. Why is she wearing an eyepatch? why does she have a bow and arrow.. is it Valentines day in her world?

2. image

The heck, is it 2009? is that supposed to be a tee shirt? where are her pants? and why is she showing so much skin on her legs but not on her arms? where is there a ‘V’ on her crown? what is she the queen of…?

3. image

Aw that’s actually a really nice outfit, but I don’t get why there’s a “one” on her face.

4. image

Oh her outfit is nice. This is nice.

5. image

Is that a hamster? why is she riding a hamster wheel?

6. image

Is it summer?… and that’s a piece of chalk right?

7. image

Why does he have a rabbit nose? that’s from easter right?… also nice hair. Hair is on fleek.. he’s short, but he has nice fashion.

8. image

Oh nice hair. Is that a magic wand? or a toothbrush? or a police baton? nice sandals, nice sandals. At least her dress is kind of long, compared to the other peoples.

9. image

Okay she’s trying to hypnotized me? wearing underwear shorts? I like those shoes tho. And is that a Harry Potter wand? and is she wearing 2 headbands??? ohh there’s already one in the hairstyle and she put another one over it.

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17 thoughts on “Non-Fantage players react to Fantage outfits!

  1. People who don’t play Fantage have completely different fashion tastes and questions ours. 😛
    Recently I had my boyfriend dress up my account, and it’s completely different from what’s trendy in Fantage, haha
    You should make your friend dress you up.

  2. This is hilarious! Usually when I c those outfits it doesn’t strike me how weird they are because I’m used to them, but when u have a non-Fantagian it’s like a whole new way of thinking lol

  3. I personally think that people who dont play would have better taste in fashion. Since outsiders aren’t obsessed to unnecessary bunny noses, cat ears and cupid arrows, they might actually focus on colour co ordinating their clothes to avoid tackiness. Honestly, I think most fantagians dont care about fashion, and only care about all these wacky items.

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