Spooktacular 2015! | Halloween Event


What’s more better than waking up to find a Halloween event on Fantage? (tbh there’s way more things better than this)*cough*  Yeah! so who’s excited for Halloween? This girl is! We don’t celebrate Halloween here, but I had a great Halloween when I went to Disneyland for my birthday a few years back, so still pretty excited. Ok let’s get into the event!

How the game works:

Basically you need to collect dice by finishing the daily quest.


Funny story: I was playing fashion battle at Downtown. You know you gotta change and everything, so I got the theme green, and I change into a very messy look,(too bad I don’t have the picture). AND EVERYONE AROUND ME was LIKE: O O! , EWWW….. hahahh gosh people, I’m just playing fashion battle cri cri.. You see people judge you on your appearance …smh

Ok once you’ve completed the task, you get the dice. Gee, we gotta work hard for this. You can roll your dice on the board. Depending on what tile you land on, you’ll get stars, gems, lucky board coupon, or CCC coupon. You can also buy dice for 100 gold. ALSO: Remember that this game resets everyday at 9AM fantage standard time, so use those dice before 9AM.

Screenshot_19 Screenshot_17



There’s nothing to do here, but I wanna show you the decorations. My favourite place is actually the castle because it gets decorated on every holiday and it’s pretty ❤


The interior of the castle, pretty nice eh? These are the effects when you walk around the stairs.


Update: I was told that you can spin the roulette after every five laps around the board.(Thank you Marina and Memepony9)

That’s all for this event, good luck collecting your items! Bye~


11 thoughts on “Spooktacular 2015! | Halloween Event

  1. The event looks nice! Except my favourite Halloween was on 2012 😉. I wonder why there aren’t any limited sets…they used to make awesome costumes each year up until 2014, I think…👒

    1. Ahh the memories >< There's more activities to do during that time of the year, we even get free Halloween items! Yea, usually they will have at least a set of limited items on every event, don't know what happened for this event.

  2. What does “spin the roulette” mean? Lucky Bot? I’ve played since 2011 but still have trouble with the basics xD don’t judge.

    1. Form the board game during this spooktacular event, you have to go around the board 5 times which means for 5 laps, after that a roulette ( the spinning wheel) will appear for you to spin, you can get gold from that. The roulette will appear every 5 laps.

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