Single use dice…


Once you think about it though, you have to purchase a dice every time you use one… aren’t dice supposed to be reusable?? LOL. Imagine in real life when your playing a board game..

scenario 1

me: *rolls dice*

dice: *lands on 3*

dice: ok I’m just gonna disappear now so if you want me back do 100 push ups, friend request 20 people on facebook, attend 3 parties, and collect 10 stickers. Good luck.

me: ( ° ͜ʖ °)

me: *flips table* OK I’M OUTTA HERE


Also har har har, the dice reset at 9am??

scenario 2

me: *rolls dice*

clock: /8:59 A.M./

dice: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

me: *rolls again*

clock: /9:00 A.M./




comment below if you agree!! LOL


20 thoughts on “Single use dice…

  1. Well, these are obviously special Gold-powered dice that someone’s fairy godmother enchanted, so at the stroke of midnight (in Australia, at least), the dice disappear INTO NOTHING. 😮

  2. What’s the deal with the “spin the wheel to get gold” thing, I haven’t seen it yet…. And I’ve gotten the tail allready xD

  3. //meanwhile I haven’t even opened the event thing yet to look at the tasks or even bothering participating

  4. Can’t say you’re wrong. Lol.😉 This is really weird, and why aren’t there any costumes or limited items on sale??? I’m seriously thinking of quitting Fantage…6 WHOLE YEARS, I’ve been playing. Can’t waste more time or money on this game…my sis is playing with my acc though.

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