OOTDs by Luke

Hey! It’s Luke, haven’t posted for a little bit, but here are some OOTDs for you.

And also, it’s OOTDs, not OOTD’s – this especially goes to Cloud. Honestly it irritates me somehow that you DON’T KNOW HOW TO USE AN APOSTROPHE CORRECTLY. OH MY GOODNESS. What you mean by OOTD’s is really Outfits of the Day, but it ACTUALLY means Outfit of the Day’s. Day’s. Are you kidding me? An apostrophe is used to show possession, like “That girl’s grammar is very poor,” but not to show plurality, like “I read all the book’s in the library.” When you say OOTD’s, it implies that there’s something of an outfit that you would need to describe, like “This OOTD’s very pretty.”

Ahem, aside from my grammar rant, here are the OOTDs. 😀

DO - Mixed Fantage Spy

~lukeh2o, PFYL

21 thoughts on “OOTDs by Luke

  1. Wait really?
    I always thought it was like that (because it just makes sense), but everyone else did it differently, so I checked Google.
    And it said that you need an apostrophe.

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