Us Against Everyone pt. 2

Hey! I decided to just complete my previous mini story. (If you haven’t read part 1: Here’s the link! )

Previously… before I know it I jump into his arms, my legs are off the ground and we’re in a tight embrace. I can’t help but run my fingers through his soft hair, and I get a whiff of his shampoo. It’s so intoxicating. He says hi while looking up at me through his bee-you-tiful eyelashes and sets me down on the ground gently.

He walks me back, and along the way his presence absolutely infatuates me. He reaches down for my hand, lifting up my sweater sleeve and interlaces his fingers with mine. I roll my eyes at him, and he gives me a boyish grin. “I’m gay so it’s okay if we hold hands.” he says to me with a dead serious face. I raise my eyebrows suspiciously and we both end up laughing. Boy oh boy, I could never get tired of his laugh. It absolutely could light up this whole city. An older couple in front of us are walking a dog, and he pulls on my waist towards him and we both walk on the street to make room for the couple. The older man gives us both a dimpled smile and continues walking with his wife. Once we are back on the sidewalk, he bumps his hips into me forcing me to collide with a fence. He walks ahead like nothing happened and I playfully shove him back, and he bumps into me once again. This time, he follows me into the fence. He’s holding onto me, and it is barely audible but I hear his words. I hate us being apart. I’m trying to process this and I am confused. Absolutely utterly confused. He broke up with me! And sooner or later, my brain has 2 solutions to what he has just done. A: He most definitely still likes me, and was just pressured into breaking up with me due to the problems revolving around us once we got together. B: He definitely does not like me anymore. He is just messing with me, and I should not lower myself down to those standards just because I still like him. I’m lost in thought as I try to gather up all the facts in my head. Option B definitely seems more sensible. I’m pulled back into reality as I realize he’s talking to me. Somehow, as I was daydreaming, he tells me that I agreed to piggyback him. I confidently say “I’m strong enough” and he grins and holds onto my shoulders, while at the same time my hands wrap around his legs. He’s on my back! I can feel his stomach vibrating on my back, as if he’s trying to stop his laughter. “Now take a step.” he says tauntingly. I manage to move my foot a centimeter before looking up at his face desperately for help. He hops off and rolls his eyes, squatting down in front of me. I guess it’s my turn. I hop on, and he carries me without effort. My hands instinctively move from his shoulders to draping them around his neck as well. I have my head on his, and he looks up at me. The reflection of his eyes show me, and in a way I’ve never really seen myself. I bury my face in his hair, and he pauses. I look up to find a real estate agent and 2 other people outside a lawn. 2 men, and a woman. The woman glances at him, and then me. He tightens his grip on my thighs,  and continues walking as if they aren’t even there and I have absolutely no words for what I felt in that moment.  I can tell my face is extremely red after we pass by the people, and I hear a sigh of relief coming from him. “You can let me down now.” and he bends down a little, and I jump off. We’re at a pole now, and I say “Kay bye!” and he pulls me in for a hug. I’m about to let go when he lifts me up, smiling once my face is hovering above his. Once my feet are back on the floor, his eyes are locked on mine. My hands are still resting on his chest, and his on my waist. It seemed like time had stopped, we were the only ones in the world. And I don’t know how, but we both pulled away from each other. His usual collected face looks absolutely panicked, and he awkwardly ruffles his hand through his hair and says “Well see ya!” and he turns around, walking the direction we came from. About 10 steps in, he turns around and I can see a trace of smile form on his face. I stand there watching him walk away and I realize I’ve been holding my breath. I can hear the blood pounding in my ears, and my brain is scrambling for answers again. Option A or B…

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