Royal chance & new shop items

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Hey there viewers of fantage spy, long time no see

I’ve been super busy for a while but things will probably be a lot calmer for me now

I hope

Anyway, a new event was released today, royal chance, and there were new items in le shop, stellar salon, and loco boardz

Royal Chance:

This is just a simple card game. There are three levels of cards that you are given:

kings, queens, or jesters.

You start out with 5 cards (1 king, 1 Jester and 3 queens). When the game starts, either you or the opponent will start by putting a card down.

To twin, you must put down a card of a greater value. King is the highest, then it is queen, then Jester.

If you put down a card that beats your opponent’s card, you win. If it’s vice versa, you lose. If you both put down the same card, it’s a draw.

If you win a round, you get to keep the card you played while the card your opponent played is discarded. If you lose a round, your card is discarded while your opponent keeps the card they played. If it’s a draw, both cards are discarded.

The game ends when one player is out of cards. When the game is over, each player gets anywhere from 0-75 stars, and the winning player might get a medal/ level up their existing Royal Chance medal.

I don’t think there are any bots for this game, so you might want to go into a slightly busy server to play.

and now it’s time for pictures! 

royal chance 1

royal chance 2

*tip: always put town the greatest card value you have. The worst that can happen is a draw*

royal chance 3

royal chance 6

royal chance 5

royal chance 4

New shop items:

90’s-esque clothing and fall themed items

new shop items 11-15new shop items 11-15 2new shop items 11-15 3

new shop items 11-15 4new shop items 11-15 5

new shop items 11-15 6new shop items 11-15 7

and, of course, there are outfits with the new items:

Screenshot 2015-11-05 at 2.13.06 PMScreenshot 2015-11-05 at 2.19.30 PM Screenshot 2015-11-05 at 2.11.45 PM Screenshot 2015-11-05 at 2.10.05 PM

I love the trenchcoat *o*

4 thoughts on “Royal chance & new shop items

  1. Hmm the game sounds fun! But I bet it’ll get boring after playing it for a few times hahhaah,, gee the items are getting more expensive 6000 for a shop board?? = = But I love the spotlight board and the trench coat !!

  2. I agree that trench coat is the prettiest 😊. And yes, things are really expensive now…back in 2009, “expensive stuff” were 800 to 1100? This is why I quit…and it’s not really fun anymore.

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