Like my hair, mom?


Daughter: Mommy I bought a new hair today!

Mom: Oh sweetie let’s see!



: )

33 thoughts on “Like my hair, mom?

  1. The next day, she was taking it off in the mirror and her head was completely flat.
    People at school now call her “Flathead Phoebe”.

      1. I remember a girl named Phoebe in K-2nd grade. She was a jerk; in fact, a girl in my class had to be moved to another class because Phoebe was being really mean to her. TRUE STORY

      1. oh the girl deletd the post OH AND SHE SAID IN THE COMMENTS LATER ON A DIFF POST THT SHE WASNT THE OWNER OF THE PIC its okay i told her she should at least credit but oh well! she deleted

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