My heart goes out to everyone affected by the events that occurred today. Honestly it’s been a long day.

Everyone safe should take a moment to just treasure the fact that you got your family and friends still by your side. Don’t take any moments for granted because something unexpected like this may occur any time in your life.


i feel like,

today was a wake up call for everyone.

your once innocent self, and your view on the world

has just

completely changed.

you had once thought the world was a safe

beautiful place

full of beautiful humans;

… except

you were wrong.

full of humans;

but where is humanity?



19 thoughts on “broken.

  1. to be fair, humanity is still pretty strong looking at the number of heartfelt prayers going around – it’s honestly just one particular group of humans who are leaving a stain on humanity.

    1. True! But sometimes all the injustice can feel quite overpowering. Like yes, the prayers, but it won’t change/reduce terrorist attacks and what not. Sad 😦

  2. we have to just continue to hope and pray and wait what happens next – it’s all in the Lord’s hands. after all, everything comes with a good purpose (although it may never reveal itself)

  3. Yeah, this was a terrible tragedy but things like this happen all the time. Remember to send good vibes to/do something for those who are affected by similar events that aren’t in countries with a white majority.
    x x

  4. I would pray for Paris, but seriously, I would’nt pray for humanity. I mean, look at how much wars we are doing. How many animals we are killing. How much nature we are destroying! How much bullying we are doing. This is all wrong. And I wouldn’t care, if tomorrow, humanity desappeared. Because it would be for good, for saving the planet.

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