Fantage Social Experiment…

I wanted to do another one of these, but with three different outfits, ranked by “class” on Fantage: noob, adept, and advanced.

First I put on a really simple newbie and store-bought outfit:

Fantage SE - Noob 1

Girl Count: 8

Then one that was a little more “valuable”, if you will:

Fantage SE - Adept 2

Girl Count: 4 (somehow it went down, scoff)

And then the stereotypical “hot guy” with Easter and everything:

Fantage SE - Advanced 3

Girl Count: like a million

UPDATE: Sorry, I didn’t realize I was hidden. Here’s the outfit I was wearing for the 3rd one:

DO - Stereotypical Easter Guy(This is also your OOTD)

Yep. LOL this is so stupid why did I even do this?

~lukeh2o, PFYL

16 thoughts on “Fantage Social Experiment…

  1. Hmm.. I can still spot out some experimental errors!
    -Experiment carried out on the same server
    -Varying character of people across different servers
    -Boredom forcing people to join in your tryout
    -New users discovering places
    -Advertising each time among a different number of people

    Omg, please excuse me… I felt like commenting something xD
    I’m so stupid, LOL. ;D

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