Styled It | Treasure Hunters II Items

(C) Totally not ripping off minitricia for the second time

The limited items are actually not bad this time! I like the entire outfit to be honest. ;-;

So I’m going to style them for you. 😛

First, we have Explorer’s Fedora. This hair is a little Indiana Jones-ish. It has a dark color and wearing similar hues looks best. It’s also a hat, so not very many hair accessories would go with it.

Limited Items - Fantage Treasure Hunters II Hair

Styled It - Explorer's Fedora

This top is one of my favorites now. So many versions of this kind of top have been made; look:

Limited Items - Fantage Treasure Hunters II Topversions of this shirt with coat...

Explorer’s outfit (yes that’s what it’s called, and with a lowercase outfit [dumb]) is a most flexible item. It is a shirt with a coat, after all.

Styled It - Explorer's outfit

My favorite one is the third one for the top. ^-^

~lukeh2o, comment which one your favorite is!

7 thoughts on “Styled It | Treasure Hunters II Items

  1. What a coincidence; I like the 3rd one, top row the most as well!
    As always, brilliant in mashing up outfits. ❤
    I gotta say I'm OBSESSED with that hair tho <333 :DDD

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