Vintage Auctions+Wall of Letters

The new event is up, and you can do the following things:

-Bid for cool items (using Gold, of course).

-Write up a letter and stick it to a wall! (very cool ;-;)


Want some items from the past? well bid for em! click on this icon:

au2 (located on the left side of screen)

It will take you to a page that shows all the items that Fantage is auctioning:


Click the arrows at the bottom to navigate. There are 55 items up for bid, lets take a look at some!


Some items are for PREMIUM MEMBERS only. You can tell by looking for the icon (golden rainbow star thingy). The rest of the items are coin/for non members.

I’m actually crying at the 6 people who bidded for the green themed top LOL (bro get one for free at Top Models. Don’t spend 147,000 Gold on one ROFL).

How to place a bid+info

First read this:


There is a fee of 100 Gold for every bid you place. And to place a bid, you first find the item(s) you want, then click “Place Bid”:


Don’t be all excited and place a bid. First think about the price, and if its reasonable or not. REMEMBER, that somebody will offer a higher price than yours, and it’ll just be a waste of 100 Gold to bid.

Also first check out the prices at MyMall and see how much other’s are the selling the item for. Just because you’re at an auction, doesn’t mean you’ll be getting good deals. For example:



LOOK, someone at MyMall is selling bunny nose for 163,050 Gold cheaper. Please. Use your brains.

(I honestly don’t think anyone is that dumb to buy a nose for 200,000 Gold. I mean I kind of feel like Fantage just raised the bid numbers and prices up to confuse us?? idk man…)


So your bid will top the current bid by 1,000 Gold, and when you click PLACE BID, Fantage will take away 100 Gold AND the amount you bid (for me, that would be 43,000 Gold+100 Gold).

But of course, if someone tops your bid Fantage will refund your bid amount, but not the 100 Gold.

After you place your bid, of course you will NOT have the item in your inventory. Bidding does not mean purchasing, it just means to offer a price.

Wall of Letters


Fantage be expecting things like

“Love yourself and your family!”

“Be thankful for all that you have!”

“Fantage is so awesome! I love it!”

But like:


LOOL i like how this is supposed to be a “Wall of Letters”

but nah

its more like “wall of hate, rage, and potatoes”

honestly why.

The Types of “Letters”




Angry citizens


woo I gtg do homework, I may or may not update this post.

Anyways see yall later!!! ~~









28 thoughts on “Vintage Auctions+Wall of Letters

  1. You forgot all the letters about Civic Princess being at MyMall… -_-
    And I don’t think they’ll bring back Vintage Gold without there being Gold involved. Fantage won’t charge you using the currency you can’t buy more of with real money… :/

              1. Bearville Rainy Days is a forum. The Wand of Fantage is my BFF Katie’s blog. 😛
                (You don’t like advertising? I guess it’s a BV/Fantage “culture shock” kind of thing… Back on BV, everyone used to advertise their own stuff…)

                1. I’m used to seeing advertising downtown, but almost every page I went on had like 5-8 notes that either said “wand of Fantage” or “digital escape”, so I got a bit annoyed. I’m sure the culture is a bit different, though.

                  1. Well, most of the notes there were pretty weird in general, honestly… I’ll probably post something about that sooner or later. 😛 And yeah, you’d be surprised at how different BV was… I should make a post about that, too.

      1. Well, sapphires, rubies, emeralds, diamonds, black diamonds, and moonstones are actually gemstones, and gold is a metal… No minerals here.
        I’m a science geek ahah, sorry about that. o.o


  3. Lol! This event might be the most disappointing one since 2008 。_。.
    And about mems having much more advantages is half true. Members pay for what they have. That’s different. I think nons have much more than they did before. For “old Fantage players”, it did changed since 2008-2009-2010 right?
    And what about the potatoes?? 🍟

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