Fan Art: Diversity

I thought I’d do another hand-drawn work because I’m that fancy. I absolutely cannot draw with a mouse on the computer… It doesn’t make sense to me: HOW DO PEOPLE DRAW WITH MICE?!?!


You have no idea how long it took me to draw Britain’s hair. Her outfit was inspired by this:

dance moms britain outfit loll

It was on Dance Moms. Yes, I watch that because I’m gay. I adore the arts.

~lukeh2o, comment what you think about it! (advice appreciated)

6 thoughts on “Fan Art: Diversity

  1. When Luke’s handwriting is way better than yours (cries internally) These diversity clothes and stuff could make up a cool event on fantage ^-^

    1. OK, so many people in real life and on blogs have complimented my handwriting so many times, and I’M NOT EVEN BEING MODEST, I hate my own handwriting. I think that’s just because I’ve been writing like this most of my life… Even as a Kindergartner I had legible handwriting. 😛

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