Scammed by chris5484

I wanted to trade with this dude named chris5484. I was really wanting Fancy Winter Hat, so I carelessly offered him the blonde Ho ho ho hat, and he really wanted that.

chris scam pic

And I was like, “Pfft, OK, Ho ho ho hat is worthless, why don’t I trade it for Fancy Winter Hat?” And he said he was on Puffin so he got his friend Amanda to trade with me. He claimed this “friend Amanda” told him not to go first in the trade, and so apparently when she went on a computer, she went off on a five-minute rant about refusing to go first, being protective of Chris’s items and all of that naggy-nanny stuff…

And by the way, Chris was telling me stuff like “btw i am gny” and a bunch of irrelevant stuff. I seriously that this was a troll because he wanted my worthless hair for his coined beautiful hairstyle. I had to go at the time.

The next day we met up and I finally offered to go first, though I knew there was something about Chris… So I sold the Ho ho ho hat for 7,500 (the minimum) and told him to go to his kiosk at floor 50, room E. Sure enough, right after he bought the hair, he ran off and logged out, but forgot to delete me. Today I checked my buddy list and he isn’t there anymore. *Scammer!*

I don’t have video-recorded evidence of this, but I don’t lie. When I do, it’s a prank that I reveal at the end. Why would I lie about being scammed of an insignificant item?

I’m not any broken up about this scam. I never wore that hair. 😛

Plus I think the black one looks so much better and less overrated (OOTD alert):

DO - Ho ho ho hat Style

~lukeh2o, if you see chris5484, remind him of me…

11 thoughts on “Scammed by chris5484

    1. Yeah, I guess.
      No, Ho ho ho hat is almost worthless with how many times it was sold in Vintage Gold (like 2-3 times for 50,000 Stars I think).

      1. Yep. Before, I actually gave him the offer of another hair that looks kinda similar to Ho ho ho hat but it’s worth a TON more. For guys, it sells for 25,000+ Gold. Instead, I sold that for cheap (around 8,000 I think) to a guy I trust and I offered Ho ho ho hat.
        I think I should feel lucky.

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