~*LukeH2O’s Girl Prom Hair Pack*~

Done another edit! Surprisingly this one didn’t take as long as all of the others I’ve done…

And though it’s nowhere close to May, I can still do things related to prom. So I did girl hairstyles because – let’s face it – there’s not so much you can do with boys’ clothing/hair…

Edit - Prom Hair Pack

~lukeh2o, comment/vote in the poll which hairstyle you like most! Advice is also appreciated for making better edits. 😛


16 thoughts on “~*LukeH2O’s Girl Prom Hair Pack*~

    1. Thanks! That one was the HARDEST to do.
      And oh my gosh, your Gravatar right now – I know EXACTLY what anime scene it was from. 😮
      When Kirito in GGO was about to compete against Sinon in BoB and he heard his fans cheering for him. Then he did THAT pose and everything went pink and sparkly. xD
      One of the greatest scenes ever…

  1. My favorite to make – the first hair
    The most time-consuming to make – the third one, believe it or not (I literally PIXELED IN the loose strands on the left, which is why it may look un-Fantage-ish)
    Shortest to make – the fourth hair
    Hardest to make – the second one (its parts came from THREE different hairs, recolored by one of them, had to rotate a ponytail, and then somehow make the hand come in FRONT of the part of the hair on the right because at first it was covering the hand)
    To be honest, I can’t even pick one favorite out of all of these. If I absolutely had to, it’d be the purple one. 😛

    1. LOL You could really say I’m an amateur at making edits of images in general.
      It’s pretty much just smacking ponytails on top of hairs and cutting out buns and braids.
      You just have to come up with where to put them. 😉

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