~*Elegant Tied-Up Hair Pack III*~


For some reason I really like tied hair over hair that’s down, and I’ve created three of these tied-up hair packs…

Edit - Elegant Tied-Up Hair Pack III

I used two hairs each to create them.

~lukeh2o, advice in the comments is appreciated!

14 thoughts on “~*Elegant Tied-Up Hair Pack III*~

    1. IKR
      If you looked at my Elegant Tied-Up Hair Pack I it looks SOOO GENERIC
      I’m glad I can say “Wow, my edits look much better now!”

    1. I did; it’s on my sticky post where everybody can see it (full chibi, style 3, 1200 including tip for a surprise, orange-yellow background with “Luka Puka” written on it somewhere, and the picture of the avatar is on that post.)
      And yeah, I know right! That blonde hair actually really looks like it CAME FROM FANTAGE. So does the second one but the others don’t for some reason. The ponytails never match the head hairs because every hair part has a different color scheme and weird organization…

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