october 17th,,

UPDATE: so I posted this on my other blog on october 17th. I’m not sure why I didn’t link this sooner. The following entry you are about to read is basically a ‘behind the scenes’ chapter for US AGAINST EVERYONE. I will be posting the last and final chapter for us against everyone momentarily.


Part 1: https://fantagespy.wordpress.com/2015/10/19/200-likes/

Part 2: https://fantagespy.wordpress.com/2015/10/29/us-against-everyone-pt-2/


I’m not sure what happened after, but I was hoisted off the ground and I was squealing in joy and fear. Mainly fear. His sweet smell wafted through my nose as he lay me down, and when I opened my eyes he was looking at me with the most serious face, “Tell me why you were crying yesterday.” I shook my head as I began pushing him off of me. He quickly moved his hands and wrapped them around both of my wrists and pinned my arms above my head. I looked over to the side and he moved his head close to mine and said, “Are you going to tell me?” I nodded slightly and I pushed myself up towards him and motioned for him to come closer. Once he was close enough to me, I pushed his shoulders down and basically reversed the position we were in. At least that’s what I hope what would have happened. What really happened was I managed to get him off balance for a second before he wrapped both arms around my waist. During this process, I moved both of my hands from his shoulders to the grass in an attempt to back up. Wrong move. He just pulled me in tighter and said “Well are you going to tell me?” I looked into his soft brown eyes before looking towards the grass and saying “I was just tired.” He rolled his eyes and said “Fam, we in a weird position right now.” I felt myself grow red as I realized what he was talking about. I stood up brushing the grass off myself, and he looked up at me raising his hands up. I pulled on his hands and he ended up centimeters from my face, if only he leaned down. And he did. Except instead of being a normal guy and kissing the girl, he scrunched his nose up and rubbed his face all over mine. So, I must have had the most confused look on my face because we both ended up giggling like crazy.



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    1. I’m pretty knowledgeable about paragraphs :p but my writing style is more “journal” entries-ish, so any outside rules on writing disappears when I’m doing my own thing. So to answer your question, no. (I don’t mean to sound rude, this is literally the nicest way I can put lol)

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