Winter Look Book!

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Winter is around the corner! which means its time to STOP WEARING CLEOPATRA SANDALS AND RED GYMS

Its time so put on some warmer clothing or else your grandma will hunt you down and bring you a puffy jacket.

Alright lets start with some tips 🙂

  • Jackets, boots, long sleeved tops, mittens, beanies, scarves
  • Skirts with boots look cute
  • Glasses and scarves look cute too
  • Earthy tones!
  • Red, for the holidays!
  • Olaf Snowmen?

Now here are some outfits ideas! remember, you don’t have to copy the outfit exactly, you can use other items to create your own look.



How to achieve this look:

  • Wear a long, natural colored hair, preferably wavy.
  • Wear a long sleeved top and pair it with a skirt!
  • Throw on a scarf, or if you don’t have one, put on a bag.
  • Wear some cute brown booties 😉

Casual and Comfy


How to achieve this look:

  • Wear a plain colored sweater (I’m wearing a battle tee)
  • Pair it with any jeans!
  • You can wear cat ears if you want to spice it up 😉
  • For accessories, wear some glasses and a scarf! (if you don’t have a scarf, you can wear a bag, bracelet, or simple necklace)
  • Wear the ‘beige boots’ from Le Shope.



How to achieve this look:

  • Wear a natural colored hair, preferably a loose elegant looking one.
  • Wear bold colored boots and pair it with earrings that are the same color
  • Glasses are optional! you can put a cute pin or hat in your hair
  • Wear a long skirt and match it with a similar colored sweater/jacket
  • Red lipstick for a more formal look!



How to achieve this look:

  • I feel like the color red just screams winter and the holidays, so wear plenty of that 🙂
  • Long hair! put a red accessory in it
  • Put on a red sweater, or a shirt with a holiday icon on it (candy cane, tree etc)
  • Jeans to match the top
  • Jazz up the outfit by wearing some hoop earrings and a side bag

Comment below your favorite outfit! ❤

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