Polar Bear Rescue

Post by minitricia, updated by cloud82


Hey there! I’m here with the a new event: Polar Bear Rescue. We need to guide them back to chillier place.. perhaps Mt. Fantage!

(this is such a sad event though.. 😦 reflects on the situation we are in now with all the global warming and melting ice.)

oh Poor guy 😦 HOW DID HE EVEN END UP AT THE BEACH THO??!? like did he really swim to shore?? or did a piece of ice break off and he drifted here all the way from the arctic..?

Hmm, anyways, lets carry on with the event:


Play ‘Fish Fish’ and ‘Bobo Fish’ to receive fish.

If you’re struggling to get fish, and you’re stackin’ on Gold, buy Fish nets! they help A LOT because you can die on the first level and still get fish!

To the rescue:


For those who didn’t know: You can find Bobo Fish at the arcade games section and Fish Fish at the outdoor games section.

  • Log in into a less crowded server for less lag.
  • Play Bobo Fish to get fish faster. Play until level 3 and kill youself. (and if you buy the nets, kill yourself after the first level)

Once you get your fish, feed them to the polar bear at the beach. The second pic showed how far it had moved for the starting point -.-lll Keep feeding it fish to move his to Mt Fantage…idk how long will it take to do so..

5 fish later…


are you kidding me…

*update* OKAYY, so here’s what I got so far:


fast forward and watch this video!! stick to the end 😉

Alrighty, now lets take a look at the items!


I love the items here! The ombre colour on the hair is amazing and the bear hat is adorable. The shirt is nice too, so fluffy~ If you look closely you can see a tiny polar bear brooch on the shirt, how cute! The price is affordable too:

Hair: 1,500 Gold ; 3,000 Stars

Shirt: 2,500 Gold ; 5,000 Stars

Skirt: 2,500 Gold ; 5,000 Stars (but this is expensive :/)

Shoes: 500 Gold ; 1,000 Stars

from left to right: nonorom // lucy12988 // luma137 // nyqull

(they are not actually posting for me to take a pic, it’s just a coincident hahah)

Thank you for reading!


8 thoughts on “Polar Bear Rescue

  1. On a completely unrelated note, do you know if lucy12988 still scams? She scammed me a while ago, and I know I shouldn’t care about the pixels, but personally, I’m still upset people treat each other this way for a game.

    Feel free to ignore and/or delete this comment. :\

  2. its so nice of fantage and you to do something about the polar bears.
    those outfits you have for those items though!
    So awesome.

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