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Now here are my replies to your anonymous suggestions 🙂

  1. I recommend that you stop telling lies to your innocent followers. Ugh! People like you make me sick!

Hi! not sure what you mean by “lies”, maybe expand more next time so I understand.

2. there should be a page where people can put their youtube channel so it gets more subscribers ~Fantage Hira23 

Yup, I kind of already have that- its a shout out page! click here to get a shoutout

3. You can write about how to sell items at My Mall xD

Yup, I have a whole page dedicated to MyMall and how it works. Click here!

4. I have a question: I am a nonmember. If I buy the search option, will it stay forever or will I have to buy it again every time? Thank u! 😉

Hi there! unfortunately you have to pay 20 Gold every time you click on an item to search for 😦 here’s a tip: Look for free member accounts and use them to search for things!

5. hello! So, I have 1 teeny suggestion. Please tell me more!!!!! And, make that 1 into 2 please! XD Do you play fantage?? oh that was sort of pointless question. Of course you do! sorry. one more thing. all the ecoin links don’t work!! But thanks anyway!!

Hey, 1. Of course I play Fantage xD! 2. Sorry I made that page 3 years ago and I had no idea what I was doing LOL. I deleted that page a while ago.

6. can u show us how to animate a character because im having trouble with trying to animate a character

Sorry 😮 I can show you how to make a blog post LOL- but not animation related shinanigons. (Since I don’t animate). You can try looking at tutorials on Youtube!

7. I would like it if there was a page for us to talk about trading with each other in mymall. I would also like it if there are some contests.

Oh okay! I will think about that 😀 and yeah, I should start doing some more contests 🙂

Thats all for now! bye bye

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