The owner of ‘Free Fantage Gold’


Remember the site, Free Fantage Gold? (they took advantage of accounts and scammed people).

Well I found out who the real owner of it, and I’m quite disappointed. I just want you guys to learn from this; if you see a fishy site like “Free Fantage Membership” or something like that, make sure it is NOT a scam before following any procedures.

If the owner(s) of the site comment on your blog, copy and paste their IP address and search in the Search Bar of the comments. If you find their IP matches with someone else’s, MOST likely they are that person.

SOO, here are my findings:


They have the exact same IP address, coincidence much?

Anyways, since this is all in the past, let’s just let it go 😉 I just wanted to inform you guys and not fall into scams.



77 thoughts on “The owner of ‘Free Fantage Gold’

      1. If you knew she was a scammer, why would you have any qualms about showing people her IP? And why even bring it up publicly in the first place? It’s been six months. People have more or less moved on. You say not to cause drama about the whole thing, but I don’t think there’d be any way to make a post about it without drama being involved…

        1. Sorry, good point but I just found out about this today and I didn’t know it happened 6 mo the ago. I just wanted to raise some awareness about this so they don’t get scammed. And even though she scammed, I just think showing her IP is kind of invading her privacy?

          1. Yes, some people would consider that to be an invasion of their privacy, but if you hate this scammer enough to make a post about her six months later, why would privacy be such an issue? Though she hasn’t scammed people in months, so I think it’s safe to say she won’t suddenly start up again…

            1. I didn’t know this happened six months ago? And why wouldn’t privacy be an issue? It’s not like their right for privacy is taken away after a certain period of time.

              1. Because the first two digits of an IP aren’t proof of someone being a scammer? If CutieCake hadn’t posted the two full IPs, I honestly wouldn’t have believed the claim. You’ve gotten yourself into a sticky situation here… If you’re not going to post the IPs, you don’t have any concrete evidence to show these two people are the same person. Sorry, but that’s the truth.

                  1. Then why did you post about this in the first place if you weren’t going to post the full IPs? Why bring it back up when NOBODY was talking about it?
                    Yes, she did, but she removed them later. Lavender also made a post showing part of her IP, which really wasn’t proof of anything given that IPs can change.

                    1. I was just shocked when I found out at first, so my first instinct was to post about it. I was going to type a paragraph for explanation and other things related but I didn’t have time so I left it as it. Next time I’ll think thoroughly before posting. Thanks.

                    2. Yeah, that’d probably be the smart thing to do. Or just…edit the post you have now. Or even confront Lavender about it privately instead of bringing in a bunch of people who had nothing to do with the issue in the first place…

        1. Ohh Yeah that other blogger was actually me, at first I was doing a “social experiment” but then people started hating so I kinda hid in the corner.. Wow tb to immature me LOL

      1. OML, OML, OML, she did? Oml I think she knows about this………you know how she made a post of her IP address using Google right? Wait oml, this is confusing……ugh…so basically lavender is a culprit. The end. Wait not the end. AGENT CLOUD, YOU AND I HAVE TO INVESTIGATE TO STOP THIS MESS.

  1. Man, too bad that she did two illegal things with this. And, not only that, but I now know where she lives. Not only that, but the fact her IP has been revealed (openly, basically) this whole time, it’d be a shame if something were to happen to her computer. But who knows~ 😉

      1. While it’s good she apologised, that does not excuse her actions. She stole something from LOTS of people and then sold it for real life profit. That is not okay, no matter how much she apologises. Imagine how many children who are potentially hurt by this, many of which could possibly be as young as 6 or 7.

    1. wait what???????
      she sold everything she scammed for MONEY?
      i find that illegal…
      even tho it probs isn’t

          1. Yeah I agree with Jared. She should give everything back. I can’t control her actions, but I do recommend she does that because you can never know what can happen…

  2. smeez she apologized and even better she is returning the items plz especially jared stop trying to act all kind and sympathized for the other peeps dont u know she is giving back the items
    how would u feel? shes changed now and mayb u should change too
    srry not to b mean its just i know her in real life u hav no idea

  3. but real life money, thats not good. Its ok that she apologized, but still.

    since im 10, even if i get $10, i think i struck rich

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