Cabin turn-up

to make things PG, af= as fudge

4 outfits for those cabin days 😉

1 (left): Chic and cozy af

2 (left ish) fancy but still cozy af LOL

3 (right ish) festive af (but stuff comfy AF)

4 (right) casual and comfy (af)

(youtube guru parody ahead)

turkey: Hey guys! so today I will be showing you guys how to pull off this look! soo all you need is a turkey costume, and elmers glue. First, apply elmers glue on yo (fine af) skin. Then simply put on the costume!!! okayy hope you guys liked this video! if you did, give this vid a big thumbs up and plz plz DON’T FORGET TO SABSCRABBB

okie bye ❤ o3o

LOL anyways here’s the #squad #turnup photocabin

That turkey doe

anyways yeah that’s my squad pic, consisted of me me me and me because I am a l0n3r.

oh and I got married in the cabin today:



shoutout to pandadomo ❤ love you wifey


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