Fancy OOTD


Orange toned, perfect for fall…



if my mom were here she would throw a parka on me (#asianmoms be like)



meanwhile at the beach

britney (me): la la la *throws sand* *dives into water*

asian guardian: aye AYE AYE AHH aye BRINEH! aye BIRRY AYE AYE BILLY

me: huh, what, yeah?

asian guardian: wat u sink u doing

me: uh i am praying agh- playing in the water.

asian guardian: tsk. are you trying to get duh cold? look so wind. you can get duh wind disease


asian guardian: WIND DE- ZEEZ. u bodeh is not duh white peoples bodeh. it duh chanese bodeh. u different.

me: *lol* ok *hehe* no nONO grandma thats not how it works.

asian guardian: DONT TARYL (tel) ME WUT 2 DO aye AYE AHH. Here. HERE. BILLY (britney). COME HERE. AYE TSK.

me: what- what’s that for???

asian guardian: turn around.

me: -,-

asian guardian: I SAID DUH TURN arOUND.

me: *turns*

asian guardian: *slips puffy pink jacket*

me: wh- what no.NO. *reads jacket*

me: Sunny sunny day 89. THIS JACKET IS EMBARRASSING. WHat does it even mean?? what does it say? where is it from?

asian guardian: it from chaina. ok no go play : )



10 minutes later…

news headline: Asian child dies from heat stroke on Miami beach.





37 thoughts on “Fancy OOTD


      1. ;o
        i was just laik randomly going thrpugh n this caught meh!
        im pretty sure ill reblog something 5 years later too…u never know

  1. to be honest i just scrolled to the end because i was too lazy to read all the text
    but then i saw the picture and i actually read the text
    and now i’m so confused but i’m sorta laughing sorta crying
    and i don’t even know anymore
    and i want food
    but i’m eating a candy cane
    also am i the only one who just bites off and chews candy canes instead of eating them the normal person way

  2. Oh my god this is legit.
    Especially that part about the jacket from China having weird writing on it.
    One of my jackets says “Vroom vroom snoopy”. Yeah… not wearing that.

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