Header Winners…


  1. Chingster
  2. Sakura13120
  3. Cloudinator
  4. ilikecupcake
  5. Yuki-Chan

Congrats, you guys one 1 free header! comment below to request one 🙂 and please claim within 24 hours.

Tell me your blog URL, some basic guidelines (like text, and any images you want).


26 thoughts on “Header Winners…

  1. Oml, first place!? Wow ok!! Here is my order:
    Hey! Here is my blog:
    I would like it to match my blog
    ~ Be pink
    ~ Same size as the header you have right now
    ~ The header can say anything but it must at least have Fantage Shimmer Glimmer
    Thanks, bye!

    1. Oh, I almost forgot to tell you! Make sure to put a fantagian on there. Pretty fantagian 🙂

  2. TYSM!!
    I would like it kinda like the 4th or 5th one on your original post – just with Fantage Kewls and the tagline: WHAT?!?!

    (yeah yeah it sounds weird but thats what I want! :P)



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