User Inspired Holiday Items + New Rare Items


Hey there! Fantage released the User Inspired Holiday Items. Let’s take a look at them.


Congrats to Minawesome and Mimimini17 for getting chosen~ Their drawings are amazing but the way Fantage pixelized them aren’t the best. Come on Fantage!

Set 1 by Minawesome

Hair: 1,500 Gold

Icicles: 800 Gold

Earrings: 300 Gold

Shoes: 500 Gold

Dress: 4,000 Gold

Set 2 by Mimimini17

Hair: 1,500 Gold ; 3,000 Stars

Earrings 500 Gold ; 1,000 Stars

Dress: 4,000 Gold ; 8,000 Stars

Shoes: 500 Gold ; 1,000 Stars

The prices are surprising cheap but not for the dresses, 4,000 Gold for a dress?? //cries

Screenshot_34 Screenshot_35Screenshot_38.png saymaribby (saymaribby)



Now let’s look at the new rare items! The shading of the items looks great compared to the user inspired ones. Other than the items shown in the picture, there is actually two more items,


To get…

Golden Stitch Fedora (Hair) : Black diamonds (Mythical)

Black and Gold Dress: Diamonds (Legendary)

Black and Gold Heels: Rubies (Very Rare)

Falling Leaves Board: Emeralds (Ultra Rare)

Reading Glasses: Sapphires (Rare)

Fur Coat: Black Diamonds (Legendary)

0mh cherrydrops24 Screenshot_36

from left to right: 0mh // cherrydrops24 // yara_yara

So that’s all, thanks for reading!


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