Rant: Celebrity Crown Misuse

Today I’ll be talking about fashion, one of the most beloved cultures Fantagians have developed, shaped, and absolutely have made a MESS out of. Two of these messes have been boys wearing Celebrity Crowns on the wrong hairs. These items look great apart, but together they look unpleasant to the eyes.

Take Easter Hair or Summer Fun Hairstyle with a Celebrity Crown of any color. Easter Hair is supposed to be a high front spike viewed from the side, so do you really think a huge, convex crown is going to go over it? It almost covers the entire hair.

Kind of the same thing with Summer Fun Hairstyle. It’s supposed to be a windblown side-swept style which wouldn’t really look good with anything on top of it (except for maybe cat ears) because the hair is going all over the place atop the mid-bangs. Here are a couple pictures expressing this instance:

Skit - Fashion Rant 1
2 no-nos and 3 alternative suggestions
Skit - Fashion Rant 2
Amazing grace

The Celebrity Crown almost completely covers the highlight of Summer Fun Hair and is really close to the ends of the bangs…


Also, guys, just a quick information. I changed my URL, as you may know (I’m not advertising, just worrying) to thexfantagexpress.wordpress.com and apparently, when you change your URL, your blog posts don’t show up in followers’ Reader pages anymore. So I’m just informing that I moved and you’re not seeing my posts anymore for that reason. Anna told me this, and that kinda explains why I’ve been getting none of those comments that make me happy and keep me warm at night… 


~lukeh2o, the fashion on Fantage these days what has gotten to people

10 thoughts on “Rant: Celebrity Crown Misuse

      1. uhh not exactly,
        I showed this to one of my friends who don’t play fantage and she said she also liked the “x” ones better
        //popular items are popular for a reason; they look good

      2. Popular items are popular because people have influenced others’ opinions to like them, too. Why do you think everyone takes selfies? Because everyone else did.
        According to my research (MAGIC SCHOOL BUS TIME I’m so old…) there’s pretty much no such thing as an independent opinion. Of course, everything in life factors into what you like and dislike.

  1. Ohhh, lol. I just saw someone with a celebrity crown over Summer Fun hair, but it was rather cunning tho! xD
    After all, everyone has got their own sense of fashion to flaunt among others, haha! 😉

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