Happy Holidays Part 1!

Deck the halls with baymax plushies, ba-la-la-la-la-lalalala! The moment I’ve been waiting for is finally here: Snow and Holiday Event! Ok here’s the event info: Screenshot_4

Limited Cart 1

Let’s look at the limited items first! Congrats Ameee and Apriss, both your items are amazing!


Set 1

Hair: 2,000 Gold         Purse: 750 Gold       Outfit: 4,000 Gold

Shoes: 500 Gold          Board: 4,000 Gold

Set 2 (By Ameee25673)

Hair: 2,000 Gold ; 4,000 Stars       Shirt: 1,500 Gold ; 3,000 Stars

Pants: 1,500 Gold ; 3,000 Stars       Shoes: 500 Gold ; 1,000 Stars

Carrot: 1,000 Gold ; 2,000 Stars

Set 3 (By Apriss)

Hair: 2,000 Gold ; 4,000 Stars         Dress: 4,000 Gold ; 8,000 Stars

Scarf: 750 Gold ; 1,500 Stars             Shoes: 500 Gold ; 1,000 Stars

Screenshot_20 Screenshot_21 Screenshot_22

image   imageScreenshot_6

Runaway Ruldoph

Ruldoph is being a bad reindeer and keeps running away. The icon at the very left of your screen shows Rudolph status.

By using the clue given, find Rudolph. For example, the clue given here is ‘somebody saw him playing Book it and Bucket’ I’ll have to go to the school gym. You’ll see Rudolph there chilling lol. Click on him and you’ll get either a medal or snowflakes..or both.

Collect snowflakes and exchange them for gifts! As you can see, most of the prizes here are from previous events 😦 But at least there’s a new one! Look at that Blue snowflakes earrings! Aren’t they pretty? *v*


Now that you’ve found Rudolph, the status says ‘at home’. This doesn’t mean that Rudolph is at your home lol I don’t know where he is though lol Wait for a few minutes till the status says ‘Missing’ Then use the clue to find Rudolph.


Holiday Parade

Like the usual, the parade is at downtown. You have to wait till 4:00 PM FST for the parade to start.


Decorate the tree

The tree is located at Uptown and Mt. Fantage. Decorate your tree and print it out to make a card.Screenshot_17Screenshot_19

So that’s all for Part 1, stay tuned for Part 2!



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