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1.Hi cloud82! you know your forum magazines? maybe you could actually make the inside of them as well instead of just the front cover anyway, i LOVE your blog 😉

I’ve always been wanting to do that, but you know me… (I’m lazy LOL). But if you really wanted that, I guess I can consider doing that some time soon! [click here to check out the Forum Mag]

What do you think?

2. You should fire Luke, or at least demote him. He’s abusing his power by posting about HIS blog on your blog, and has turned into an annoying wannabe. His power on Fantage Spy has messed with his head.

Idk I think he’s doing awesome, but I mean…

What do you guys think?

3. Your Blog Is Amazing! It Has Everything So I Really Dont Know What To Suggest XD

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! ❤ you made me smile 🙂

4. Hello 🙂 I recently quit Fantage and I was wondering if you could do celebrity outfits. Like, get a celebrity, and try copy her image from some items you have on Fantage 🙂 Thanks x

Hi! cool idea! I’ll do that soon 😀

What do you guys think about this idea?

5. You should do a spring and autumn lookbook.

I’ll make a Spring look book in the Spring time! but here’s my Fall look book from last year:

6. Your blog needs more mustaches. A touch of Vaseline would be nice, too.

Anna??? is that you?? LOL or is this @colourfulshadows?? CONFESS xD

7. hire a new author and assign a day of the week to all authors. for example: new author: mondays lukeh20: tuesday and thursday cloud82: weekends minitricia: wednesday and friday umm I shall NOT BE ANONYMUS i am sakura13120 lol and umm plz plz plz finish my header… (sorry i keep asking you lol)

Thanks for your suggesting sakura! (and sorry about not finishing your header. I will definitely finish it soon). And about your idea, I just think it would get a bit confusing and I enjoy the freedom of posting anytime 😀

8. do a hot or not(idk if you already do these) where u take a random persons outfit and rate it, telling what is good and what can improve on their outfit :3

Oohh, cool idea! I’ll consider doing this in my future fashion related posts 😀

9. free fantage accounts

Thanks for the suggestion, but I had this before and deleted the page since it got out of control (banning issues, and password changes). But you can definitely find free fantage accounts on other blogs!

10. Maybe introduce a brand new page dedicated to all Fantagians on how to keep their accounts safe? For instance, you could offer a bunch of handy tips, such as avoid handing over your confidential info (password) to anyone, never trusting anyone including people who make ”fake” promises, avoid trading your account with foreigners, never fall for the misleading, counterfeit “eCoins/membership/gold generators”, etc… Not only that, but you can offer tips on other aspects as well, such as how to keep your items secure on Fantage by avoid trading / aim to inquire about the price before selling it to avoid getting ripped-off , etc… Pretty sure you would be able to expand on that! 🙂 P.S ~ LOVE your blog! <3333 😀

Cool idea! and thanks for the details. I’ll make a page on “avoid getting scammed” to my MyMall guide’s page soon, but due to other requests, it may take awhile. However, if anyone ever has questions on any MyMall related things, just comment and I’ll reply (but I dont answer questions like “how much is this potato helmet worth?” because A) I probably wont know and B) I don’t want to tell you the wrong pricing).


15 thoughts on “Responses to your suggestions!

  1. I didn’t suggest tbh. 😛 It doesn’t look like my writing style, specifically

  2. And I don’t like mustaches tbh
    I like… Bows.
    *Stares at all of my friends wearing those “I mustache you a question, but you should shave it for later”*

  3. Oh, I sort of disagree on suggestion #2. I totally respect the opinion of the audience, but Luke has been lately so active, brimming the blog with various consecutive posts. Didn’t really discern any advertisements lingering behind his posts, but I’m pretty sure he cares more about posting than exploiting the Fantage Spy community to get viewers for his own advantage.
    Just a matter of opinion anyhow! 🙂 Or, maybe you could bake him in an oven? That would surely turn out into a mouthwatering recipe! LOL 😀

  4. o.o
    Please don’t bake me in an oven…
    And when I was posting about my blog I swear I wasn’t trying to make this my own website…
    Anyway, I have been wanting to post on here but I do have my own blog that I work on and some people (cough Anna) don’t like seeing posts twice because I used to copy and paste posts to this blog. But most, if not all the people who follow my blog also follow Fantage Spy, which is why I consider only posting once, too.

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