Runaway Rudolf answers


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Oh and I think rudolf is running away because he’s just so done with santa and being treated like a slave (srsly he needs to pull his obese bum everywhere).

Answers (click here to see them in alphabetical order)

British Officer– Outside of the castle

The Comet– Comet & Co (Mt Fantage, in the reporter place)

Next to the crossroad– To the right of the Board Shop

Star “Caf”– At the Star Cafe


Near “achalkboard” and an apple– Room ABC at the School (sitting on a chair)


The Score board– Gym at the school

Playing the drums– Music room at the School

Cafeteria– School cafe (sitting on the watermelons LOL)

Playing King Me– School cafe

Hot sptings/springs– At the spa (island) oh and… WHY IS RUDOLF SITTING IN A HOT TUB ROFL


Beside a pond– At Pet Town on the very left side near the pond

The cabin– Cabin on Mt Fantage (duh, LOLjk)

Lying on a sunbed– On the island (the very right side, near photo booth). HONESTLY I feel bad for disturbing him… he seemed so relaxed xD

Shopping for clothes– Le Shope

Trying on hats– Le Shope

With a cowboy– Lucky Bob’s (forest)

Superpower shop– Q-Blast

 Dying his hair– Stellar’s Salon (right side, sitting on table) but wait… rudolf doesn’t have “hair”

Under a clock– Between Le Shope and Stellar’s Salon

With other pets– Pet Academy at Pet Town

Hotel– At the resort (Island)

With the waiter– At Chez Fantage (on the boat, beach)


OK since its like 12:00 AM and i’m sick, I’m just gonna get the answers from another blog LOL

Credits to Fantage Nobles for the entire list!

Agents– Uptown, Elevator, Further Left
Air Hockey– Carnival, Arcade
Balloons– Carnival
Beside the pond– Pet Town, Further Left
Blue Fairy– Forest, Grotto
Book it and Bucket– Fantage School, Gym
British Officer– Castle
Bushe with flowers– Downtown, Top Models
Buying Emoticons– Uptown, iFone Shop
Buying Furniture– Uptown, Otto’s Furniture
Buying moodies– Uptown, iFone Shop
Buying swimsuits– Island, High Tide
Cabin– Mt. Fantage, Cabin
Calculator– Fantage School, 123 Room
Campfire– Mt. Fantage
Chalkboard and an apple– Fantage School, ABC room
Chess– Fantage School, 2nd Floor
Clean Fantage Sign– Fantage School
Clubhouse– Next to school
Coconut Tree– Beach
Cody– Pet town
Colourful Floor– Beach, The Palm
Comet– Mt. Fantage, Comet
Cowboy– Forest, Lucky Bob
Crossroad– Uptown, Bonus Level Medal
Crystal Ball– Forest, Orion
Cubes and lasers– Downtown, Q-blast
Dancing on Stage– Beach, The Palm
Dying his hair– Downtown, Stella Salon
Fantage Legends– Uptown, Hall of Frame 3rd Floor
Ferris Wheel– Carnival
Fountain– Pet Town
Golden Statues– Uptown, Hall of Fame 4th Level
Helicopter– Mt. Fantage
Hiding behind the trees– Forest
Hot Springs– Island, Spa
Hot Springs– Island, Spa
Hotel– Island, Resort
Inbetween buildings– Downtown, between Leshop and Stella Salon
Jamie– Fantage School, Clubhouse
King Me– Fantage School, Cafeteria
Lipstick and eyeshadow– Downtown, Stella Salon
Lotus Pond– Forest, Further Right
Mannequins– Uptown, PM Boutique
Maurice– Pet Town, Pet Shop
Michael– Uptown, Board Shop
Michelle– Downtown, Le Shop
Mission Centre– Uptown, Elevator, Further Right
Mouse– Castle
Mt. Fantage– Mt. Fantage, Further right
Near score board– Fantage School, Gym
Off the hook– Fantage School, Gym
One of the buildings downtown– Downtown, Top Models
One of the buildings uptown– Uptown, Hall of Fame
Orion– Forest, Orion
Ottomans– Uptown, Ottoman’s Furniture
Pixie and Soapie Stan– Downtown, Q-blast
Playing Q-blast– Downtown, Q-blast
Playing at gym– Fantage School, Gym
Playing basketball– Fantage School, Gym
Poison– Beach, Lighthouse, Secret basement
Pumpkin– Uptown, Costume Shop
Puzzle– Carnival, Arcade
Realtor– Castle, Inside castle
Rollercoaster– Carnival
Roulette– Forest, Lucky Bob
Safehouse– Beach
Saxophone– Fantage School, Music Room
Seagull– Beach, Lighthouse
Shark– Beach, Near the cruise
Shopping for clothes– Downtown, Le Shop
Snowboarding– Mt. Fantage, Cabin
Soda Machine– Fantage School, Cafeteria
Soda Machine– Fantage School, Cafeteria
Sophie– Uptown, PM Boutique
Spa– Island, Spa
Star Caf(e)– Downtown, Star Cafe
Starfish– Beach
Sunbed– Island, Far right
Superpower Shop– Downtown, Q-blast
Swan Boat– Forest, Grotto
Swimming Pool– Beach, Cruise
Trying on hats– Downtown, Le Shop
Under School Bell– Fantage School
Under a clock– Downtown, inbetween LeShop and Stella Salon
Underground Elevator– Downtown, Further Right
Uptown– Uptown, Right of mymall
Waiter– Beach, Cruise, Chez Fantage
Water slide– Beach, Cruise
Waterwheel– Pet Town, Further left
With other pets– Pet Town, Pet Academy
Wizard– Forest, Orion

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