House Tour!+Skit


I like having a simple house with little to no clutter (jk that’s my excuse for being too broke for buying furniture LOOL).

Anyways I just bought this house and thought it went really well with the season! (get it at the Hall of Fame for 4,000 eCoins or 8,000 Stars).

Oh and I find it really funny that a house costs 4,000 eCoins and event outfits cost the same price..

like imagine in real life tho.

Me: *at an open house*

Agent: Hello! welcome!

Me: Thanks ^-^

Agent: The house costs around $1,000,000.

Me: o-o

Agent: : – )

Me: Well uh. Do you want this dress I’m wearing?

Agent: OoO DEAL

Me: 😉

like srsly



6 thoughts on “House Tour!+Skit

  1. //meanwhile I’m enraged with all this lucky bot giving me furniture so I stuff my house with all of it and sadly I have reached the furniture capacity limit and I still have furniture left over (ง’̀-‘́)ง

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