Winter Olympics+Awesome Prizes!

Hey everyone!! since it is Winter break for most of you guys, I decided to host something “fun”.

And I assume most of you guys will be just Netflix  and chillin’ at home, by yourself, all alone, with nobody.

SOO might as well join this game! 🙂

It will be lasting for a few days because there will be many events AND you will need to be working as a TEAM.

How to Join

WordPress users

  • Re-blog and comment your username
  • Follow this blog! 🙂
  • Like this post

If you dont have WordPress

  • Follow this blog
  • Comment your username

Deadline to join

Deadline to join this will be on Monday at 11:00 PM FST (aka in about 24 hours from when this post is published)


  • There will be about 4 teams! (I might change this number if more people than I expected will join hehe)
  • Once I assign you into a team, EVERYONE must contribute either an idea, do part of the work or something.
  • However, one person can not do everything. (This reminds me of a failed group project at school LOOL. You know what I mean. *Nudge*)
  • There will be 1-2 team captains, where they must make sure everyone contributes to the team.


The theme of each event will be different. It may be creating a blog header, an edit, artwork, fashion related or even writing. SO, be prepared!

Events will be announced in posts, so always check the blog.

How it will work

Your team will hand in a final project (according to the event), and I will be judging (along with other judges) to determine which team wins.

First place- 10 points

Second place- 8 points

Third place- 6 points

Fourth place- 4 points


After the Olympics are over, the team with the most points will win! (you accumulate points after each event).


The winning team will receive prizes! (everyone on the team will get something).

Team captains may get extra prizes due to their hard work!


If, some how, I reach 900 subscribers (impossible LOL) sometime during the game, I will add more prizes and a LOT more Gold! 🙂



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