Current Winter Olympics Statistics!!!

For Round 1, (which ends at 11PM FST), I have asked EVERYONE participating to sign in with their groups in their assigned page.

I decided that for this round, each person that signs in receives one point.

Here are the current standings:

Group 1- 7 points

Group 2- 7 points

Group 3- 6 points

Group 4- 6 points

Group 5- 5 points

You still got more time!!! If you want, you can look for the people on your team and somehow contact them and tell them to sign in!

Thats what group work is all about! Don’t always be so individual because that’s NOT what you need to win.

Youll need to help each other out, and talk about things in groups πŸ™‚

good luck!

(I also see people asking me questions, when you’re supposed to ask your group πŸ˜‰

and most of your questions are answered in my posts, so read em carefully!)



14 thoughts on “Current Winter Olympics Statistics!!!

  1. My group said to ask you this question so I am:
    I’m not here on Christmas day. Is there a task on Christmas day?

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