Winter Olympics First Task: Getting organized

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If you’re participated in the Winter Olympics, this post is for you! please read carefully 🙂

I have put everyone into teams. Click here to see them!

It will be hard to work well with everyone in your team, so communication will be key.

I made pages for every single group where people can chat in the comments section, or in the XAT chat box.


If you would like to post content to your page, you may Email me at and title your Email “Adding content” and include which group you are in, and your username.

First Task *MUST READ ALL*

SO, your first task is to get yourself organized. EVERYONE must be in it together to win it 😉

Alright now that you know which group you are in, click on your designated subpage of your group, and drop a comment (of your username) to check in to show that you are participating. You MUST do this.

If you want to take on more responsibilities and be Team Captain (plus you get more prizes), you can comment that to let the people in your group decide. There may be 1-3 captains.

I am keeping the details fairly loose as I want the members in your group to communicate with each other. Good luck everyone 😉

If you have any questions, comment!

Deadline for this task

Tuesday December 22, 2015 11:00 PM FST.






27 thoughts on “Winter Olympics First Task: Getting organized

  1. im seeing if this shows up on the comments, but on my group page it doesn’t let me comment, like it doesn’t show up for some reason..

  2. Ooh! I didn’t join because I’m with relatives and we’re being super busy and all that and I wanna spend time with them, blah blah, and I would’ve joined if I could. But I think it’s better if I sit back and watch the results… This is exciting.

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