Winter Olympics Second Task: Banner Competition

Aha! welcome to the second round of the Winter Olympics.

In this event, your entire team must… (read on to find out!)


In this round, your team needs to come up with a TEAM NAME, and to go with that, MAKE A BANNER!

It can really be whatever you want, just don’t use any vulgar language and things around that. (For example, don’t have Mother Fudgers. However you can have, Fudge eating mothers. OKAY? get it?)

Your team name and the banner does not have to be Fantage related at all.

Banner rules

For your banner, you can make it on whatever site/app/program you wish.

It MUST MUST MUST be 1000×300 (1000 pixels long by 300 pixels high).

On the banner, it must have your TEAM NAME, and the username’s of all your members.

The theme of the banner MUST be: Winter. nuff sed.

Your group needs to make ONE banner to represent the entire squad 😉

Anddd, “be creative”.

Deadline for this task

December 24 2015 11:00 PM FST (Fantage Standard Time).


EVERY member must contribute in the final product, whether its an idea, or making the actual banner.

Also you can not comment on another groups page. (Example, if you are in group 1, you must not comment on group 2 3 4 or 5’s page. If you do, you’ll be disqualified.)

If you don’t follow all of the rules for the banner, I will deduct 1 point (for every mistake).

44 thoughts on “Winter Olympics Second Task: Banner Competition

  1. Do each of us have to have a banner? Or do we just make one group banner or vote for the best banner and only have one banner?

  2. I just woke up sorry if I missed any thing, and I just noticed the page 4 is password protected and I have no idea of the password, and there is nothing in my email regarding that.

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