Free board!

That awkward moment when santa drops the presents ON your tree instead of under it…


How are they not sliding off


Anyways santa is at the cabin handing out this cool board:


I like how the baby snowboy (get it, because he’s not a man? not a snowman? he’s a snowboy… k.) has carrots on his head like ears xD (s’cute)

So here is 6 wintery outfits using this board:



Trivia (win points for the Winter Olympics)

  1. Is Christmas (December 25th) really the day Jesus was born? provide evidence and explanations (2 points for your team)
  2. First person to comment what they got on Christmas last year gets 1 point!
  3. What’s on your Christmas wishlist? (First person to comment this gets 1 point towards their team)

*I chose different people from different teams for each question. You can answer them for fun*

16 thoughts on “Free board!

  1. 1. Yes, because I’m a Christian, my dad is a pastor, and even though no one knows it’s true, I got the belief.

    2. I got blue converse for christmas.

    3. My christmas wishlist is actually going places

  2. 1. Is Christmas (December 25th) really the day Jesus was born? provide evidence and explanations (2 points for your team)
    No it’s not
    December 25th is actually the darkest day of the year and therefore many festivals from different cultures eg, Hanukkah are celebrated that day (the main one being a pagan religious festival that celebrates the birthday of the sun)
    The biblical accounts tells us that the autumn during that year is the most likely time of Jesus’ birth
    This a from evidence in the bible(shepherds were in the fields watching their flocks at the time of Jesus’ birth (Luke 2:7-8)Jesus’ parents came to Bethlehem to register in a Roman census (Luke 2:1-4).) and from using technology to compare the alignment of the stars during the year of Jesus birth
    for convenience they just made Jesus birthday on that day uwu

    (lol me and my siblings were just discussing about this today xD )
    2. Their love lol. (nothing really)
    3. A scanner

  3. this is for fun xD don’t know if I’ll even get points but.
    2. Last year, asked for a drawing tablet for W.???? Forgot the name
    3. Asking for a fountain manga pen, ink that is waterproof, fast drying, but isn’t that dark, manga paper, 1 Sakura glitter pen, and metal nibs, it’s because drawing online for me is a disadvantage, but drawing and controlling the pressure of the pencil and all is moreover making me feel that I can control it,.

  4. 1) It is highly unlikely that Jesus was born on the 25th, because biblical evidence shows that he was born somewhere in the middle of june. I think somewhere in romans say something about Jesus’ parents registering in a Roman census, which isnt available in the freezing December. Something like that.

    2) I got a phoneeee~~~~


  5. I dont really celebrate all i domis make gingerbread houses then eat them and then eat chocolate and then oen my presents and then do the winter olympics and afterwards i just watch radom movies…
    2. a purse
    3. a touchscreen laptop/ or a Iphone
    ( group 4 )

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