Winter Olympics Round 3: Design an outfit!

Aye! round 3 is here!

In this event, you and your team needs to design a cute winter outfit. Read more to find out 😉

Third Task *MUST READ ALL*

In this round, create 4 cute winter themed outfits (not holiday themed. WINTER. So like, stuff a girl would wear in the winter).

By outfit, I mean only the top and bottoms (and shoes if you want).

You may create a separate piece outfit (top part and bottom), or a 1 piece (dress, jump suit, whatever floats your boat).

NO costumes allowed.

Leave the character bald (don’t draw any hair).

No face accessories, head accessories, or earrings allowed (body accessories are allowed).

All outfits must be for girls (no guy outfits).

You can color the skin for the entire Fantagian, and change the face if you want.

DO NOT add a board, or any large items next/near the Fantagian.

Draw it out on this Fantage template:

Must be colored!

ALL IDEAS MUST BE ORIGINAL. You must not copy someone else, because if you do, your team will get 0 points for this round.

You can use any drawing app you want.

Deadline for this task

December 28th, 2015 11PM FST (Fantage Standard Time).


Everyone from your team must contribute to the end project. If you have any ideas,  or rough sketches for your group, Email me at and I’ll post them onto your page.

Good luck!



36 thoughts on “Winter Olympics Round 3: Design an outfit!

        1. no. you won for the user inspired! you can do this ameee! if anyone can beat kittsay its you plus the snow squad 😉 😉

  1. Do we each design 4 outfits? Or does each team member make one and we all decide on the best 4 and put them together on one template? Idk

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