New year’s outfits

some outfits comprised only of items released in 2015


outfits with the new items just released

new year 2016 outfit 2 new year 2016 outfit 1

random new year’s outfit

happy new year

I would post more outfits but i have x-treme lag right now

does anyone have any fun plans for tonight/new year’s resolutions/fantage memories from 2015 they’d like to share?

8 thoughts on “New year’s outfits

  1. Pretty much starting anew a blog in July and my experience ever since. It’s been a virtual adventure. I guess I had it easy as a guy because I was welcomed so quickly into the community and everyone liked me back.
    On Fantage, I’ve made fake whuns and pranked them this year, I’ve trolled all around, I’ve made so many awesome friends who crack me up all the time. (I’m the type of person that laughs at a variety of ridiculous things. I still laugh at the word ‘poop’ when used in a certain context.)
    Looking back at this year is filled much with Fantage. Ah, memories.
    And plans for New Year’s? STAYIN’ UP LATE BLOGGING ❤

  2. The first and third outfits are so pretty! Your style always fits my taste. I can barely pick out a favourite out of all those! 😁😁😁❤❤💕

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