Polar Bear Hat | Styled it

Screenshot_7.png Today I’m going to style Polar Bear Hat or commonly known as ‘PBH’. PBH used to be a retired item and it’s a valuable item back then during the TnS days. Fantage brought it back during January 2014, which you can now get it with 3 moonstones at Orion.


Tip 1: Hat on hat? 

Isn’t it weird to wear two hats on top of each other? I don’t think people do that in real life. Avoid wearing PBH with a hair which already have a hat on.


Well only if you wanted to cover up a smaller hat or accessories on the hair.


Tip 2: Choosing the right hair

In my opinion some hairs doesn’t look good with PBH. Some of the hairs are either too short or thin(??) and PBH kinda covers the entire hair and I don’t really like that. Hmm I think this depends on yourself.


Okay moving on, here’s how I style PBH.



Thank you alexandra alex-chan for suggesting!


9 thoughts on “Polar Bear Hat | Styled it

  1. WOW u styled these awesome! I liked the secretary hair one- the pbh covers A LOT of hair, so I prefer to have maybe bangs, so u dont look “bald” lol
    I rlly want the pbh, but i rarely get moonstones and Orion always GIVES ME SHOES, soooooo yea
    Grt blog tho! 🙂

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