Saying Farewell

note:This was copied and pasted off of my other blog,


Hi! Have not posted here in AGES, please note I also work on Fantage Spy so give it a follow 🙂  Here’s a new story I guess, enjoy

I can’t help but stare at my brother’s adoration for his son. He was such a doting father. Father… the word buzzes through my head and reality somehow strikes me as I realize I am not 8 years old anymore, not even 10. My mind races, and I can’t help thinking of the past. Oh my childhood seemed so long ago. I remember attempting to push down all of the colors on the multicolor pens at the same time, failing. I remember trying to balance the on/off light switch. I remember believe that the moon would follow me all the way home. I remember seeing the droplets of rain drip down, and I would imagine them having a race. I remember when the only drama between my friends was because one was being left out. And I miss playgrounds. And I miss bonding with just one teacher that was called “homeroom” teacher, rather than have 6 teachers who taught different subjects for 1 hour every day. My mind is pulled back into the present and somehow I am in my bed with a blanket tucked over me… I smile.

So, I guess this is reflecting on my life right now :p I feel like I’m growing up WAY too fast. Please please please, if you are in elementary school (or even middle school) don’t wish to grow up so soon. Don’t worry about what lies ahead in the future, because in the end what you do in your present will affect your future. Happy Holidays and Happy New Years!

14 thoughts on “Saying Farewell

  1. Nevertheless, I believe this story perfectly executes my nostalgic longing for my childhood. I still recall the life of having no stress over studies, no responsibilities to look after, and the list goes on… Everytime I think about it, I’m almost going to cry </3
    Such a well-written mini story, Xuan! I'm sure LOADS of people can relate to it. <333333 😉

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