Hoverboards.. you know, that plastic machine on wheels that replaces walking? >.>


yeahh that thing.

well I just realized that Fantage had them before it was cool tbh LOL

In the beginning of Fantage, they were known as hoverboards (but now its just a board)

Notice how they weren’t SKATEboards, or PENNY boards, or SURF boards… they were specifically HOVERboards. And back in 2007 (when Fantage was created), there were no such thing as hoverboards in real life!!

so yeah, that’s pretty cool 😉 Fantage had hoverboards before it was actually popular haha

here’s my idea…

I think Fantage should actually make a hoverboard board! that would be cool.

And it would also be cool if there were buttons on the board to control the speed, for example a button that would make you go 2x faster! (like those unicorn boards)

Here’s my design:


wee rough draft, just to spark some ideas!

comment what you think of my idea about the board xD




23 thoughts on “Hoverboards…

  1. Noice man 😉
    I think the little lights (like, where you have the red lights xD) should be neon blue and (I know you can’t actually draw this but) should be flashing. Like, animated. xD I make no sense…

    Good job! Keep up your hard work on the blog girl :)))))

    1. Noo you make perfect sense!! I would totally animate the lights (if I knew how to make a glowy effect in the first place cri)
      That’s an AWESome idea btw 😉

  2. You talk about how that’s a rough draft whilst we sit here jaw dropping wondering if we will ever be as good as that, LOL

    1. Btw you should send that idea into Fantage and if your not going to can I send it in just saying that you came up with the idea.

  3. so gud…teh ppl at my place sit on hoverboards and risk getting smack by cars that can’t see them… so u might wanna make a design with a fantagian sitting too.

    1. And remember how Fantage had an event that consisted of ONLY unicorn boards?
      Well I think they should have an event selling only the hoverboards!!
      Like maybe have 4 different ones that go at different speeds 👌

  4. … I think it would look amazing, actually! 😮
    Plus I think it would be good ‘publicity’ to have something on Fantage that’s related to something popular in real life — like hoverboards.
    (By the way, I’m pretty good at riding one. They’re sooo fun!)

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