I’m scared… hacker??

Okay I’m confused.. why would anyone want to hack my WordPress account??

Anyways I’m scared and confused. Here’s an Email I got 2 days ago:


Here’s what it says:

Hey Cloud,
Its (queen_adoom) from Instagram , Gud these guys are everywhere
I sent you a link in your comment but you couldn’t open it .
So there you go :>


oh and yes, They mentioned me as well, but whatever !


What???!?! so I clicked the link and I see this..


why is it asking me to sign into my WordPress account?

that’s fishy…

also I went to SkyInk.co and it’s a domain hosting site. Not anything to do with WordPress…

so then I went to Harvest.co and its a Christian site??? huh??

This is FISHY. These are hacking websites (they probably used an innocent looking website to cover up the dirty truth)…

anyways so I didn’t enter my password, I clicked login instead and I see a weird af video:


like OK so you wanted to show me a video..

couldn’t you have just directly send me the Youtube link?

you didn’t need to make me sign into my WordPress account.

AAND I know this is a scam because I didn’t enter my correct wordpress password and it lead me through.

All of this is just… weird.

I also went to the Youtube channel of the video and it has some pretty creepy videos.

I’m scared now.



44 thoughts on “I’m scared… hacker??

    1. Doesnt have to be a certain size.

      And idk maybe the hacker wants to do something to my blog? sabotage it?
      whoever this person is, used a weird way to get my password.. Idk how she/he did it.. this seems very weird.

  1. I know what the deep web is.. o-o don’t look it up ;w; it’s a website that gathers all your information and if you try to call the cops creepy shit will happen

      1. Because since they gather all your information (address, etc.) they can like take over your computer and go to your house. Idk if it’s true though LOL. better be safe than sorry i guess ;w;

      2. And they dont want the website to be found out about or something. it’s kind of like secret and to get into the website you have to be like a pro coder or something. but yeahhhhh

  2. omg that’s so scary. >.<
    it's good that you didn't type in the real password.
    don't do anything rash.
    you should email that girl back and ask her why she sent it.
    maybe ask her where she got the link?

  3. NEVER TRUST ANYTHING TO DO WITH THE DEEP WEB. Not only is it creepy af (my brother and I tried one day) they can get into any info that you have put on your computer

  4. It’s called phishing. My brother had a super good ROBLOX account and he was a victim of one of these kinds of domain-hosting websites (villhax.org or something) and his account was stolen, the password was changed, all his virtual money — which was a TON — was taken.
    I would just ignore it. Never enter your WordPress password anywhere but WordPress. I’d trust that, assuming you haven’t given your password anywhere, you’re safe.

      1. I honestly don’t know! I guess people are just that hardcore with phishing or they’re just stupid enough to let the website trace back to their domain. >.>

  5. ohmygods, the deep web is super scary… i heard of it, it’s really dark, scary things like super-inappropriate videos, horrible forums;; it creeps me out, i’ve seen some videos talking about it.

  6. Downloading Tor or Orfox if you have a phone and not a cpu, and use Tor when u sign in your account and edit post or whatever you might be doing. our WordPress was hacked multiple times before we started using Tor and no I am not a door to door Tor salesman. We recommend have diff security then the norm when using WordPress and the app update has a Trojan virus so please don’t download that.

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