So a few days ago I wrote a post on one of my ideas for the Hoverboards.. (click here to see that post).

Well I expanded on that idea. Here it is!

SOo, I thought it would be a great idea for Fantage to have an “event” that SOLELY consists of selling Hoverboards.

Sound familiar?

Its just like the Unicorn Board Event

Except instead of unicorns (duh), Fantage would be selling hoverboards!

^So imagine 3 or 4 different colored hoverboards!

The first one (blue) will be for non members and it can move at 2x the speed.

The second one (purple) will be for members and it can move at 3x the speed.

The third one (green) will also be for members and it can move and 3x the speed WITH flashing lights 😉

Here’s my rough draft:


WOO what do you think??

Please re-blog if you like this idea! 😀


51 thoughts on “Hoverboards!

      1. Really? I’m sure it said 100,000 for me. o.o I had like 40,000 stars at the time and it said I didn’t have enough. -.- I think Fantage just likes to screw with me lol.

  1. I didn’t even click to buy scooter the board just appeared in my inventory lol I didn’t lose any stars. I didn’t even have enough stars to afford scooter XD

  2. This is really cool and I like that you made one for none but I deal like you should either lighten up the colors or pick lighter colors

  3. Fantage actually might be considering this idea because i saw three unnamed boards in the photo booth wardrobe thing.

  4. I think that’s a great idea… You should spread the word in the Clubhouse — a lot of Fantagians go there. You should post that picture in there and get us all to like it if we agree! 😮

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