Little things :)

Everytime I play Boxy (back then), I always thought that there was some sort of secret beyond the screen..


You know, behind Sasquatch, I thought there was more.

Like another secret location on Fantage that can only be achieved by some sort of glitch, OR if you were smart enough to figure out how to do it manually.

I thought this because Fantage used to be all about secrets. Like back in 2009-2010, I would go on Fantage and try to solve those mysteries.

“Hmm.. maybe if I clicked on him 10 times, or if I reached him by stacking boxes all the way to the left side, then maybe I can go to the secret place!”

But now all the secrets and cheats, they’re gone 😦

I remember how Fantage put in a lot of secret places, but for some reason, they removed it. (The only “secret” places still standing are the places at the Grotto and Lighthouse).

I remember if you did something in a certain way, you would be stuck inside the roof of Ottoman’s furniture shop.

I remember if you clicked the computer screen 50 times (that WAS) at Top Models, a secret message would pop up.

I remember all those things and I miss them.

I liked solving the little mysteries on my own without watching tutorials because when I succeeded, it was that feeling as if I were the first person in the world to uncover a secret message.

So back then, that’s what Fantage was all about to me. Trying to uncover something new everyday.

I mean that may not sound like a lot to you, but y’know

It’s just, the little things that count.

Now I’ve stopped trying. I know nothing’s new to come.

I’ve stopped trying to endlessly click on the bushes, and enlarging and minimizing my screen, and pressing tab.

I’ve stopped.

Maybe for the better?


19 thoughts on “Little things :)

  1. I remember those days, but now that people have lost their lives to the phone screen and other things (sorry, I feel that ranting off on people’s habits these days will cause drama that I don’t want), people have found that little things have dissappered

  2. ooh, you know, you can still get to the oasis and the dock! the dock and the airplane are still snowy from, like, a year ago? two years ago? it makes me sad, i miss it.

  3. The secrets that are left aren’t that entertaining anyways.


    Me: *goes to lab*


    Me: -.-

  4. Ahh man, I totally agree.. I thought I was the only one, haha!
    I had tried to figure out cheats/glitches a long time but always failed, until I completely lost hope.
    I DO remember the old days… Can’t be forgotten! 😦

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