ya know what?

I wish I had blue eyes, ginger hair, and freckles.

but NoOoooo

I’m stuck with almost black hair, and matching eyes, with highlighter yellow skin LOL.

If you could change anything about your appearances, race, gender (if you want), what would you change?

43 thoughts on “ya know what?

    1. I’m Korean….and I’m not that pretty…..
      but my friend, who’s also Korean is so pretty… i wish i had longer hair

  1. Actually I want my hair color to be completely black. Mine is almost black but you can see redish brown in it. I love my naturally straight hair. And I want my dark brown eyes to be black as well. Or green.

  2. I already have Dirty Blonde Hair with freckles and hazel eyes so i’d get rid of my hair color and change it to a Brown to Blonde Ombre and I’d have medium brown eyes and I’d make my skin tanner cause right now it’s Vampire Pale!

  3. i want to look like America Singer w/ ginger hair and greenish-blue eyes. ooh and freckles. so basically the same as yours. tbh i thought you were describing the fictional character.

  4. My philosophy is just to go with what I have, but if I COULD CHANGE ANYTHING AT ALL ABOUT MY APPEARANCE…
    – Less skinny
    – Thinner hair (I still want to keep it black though — or maybe the lightest shade of blond)
    – Smaller nose
    – Thinner eyebrows
    – Maybe lighter skin idk
    So basically I kinda wanna look like… SHULK AHAH

  5. I want my acne to not be so severe any more, my nose is kind of? big, my hair has no main stage, it’s just different everyday its weird so I want it to be normal, and I wish my eyes were more hazel-ish instead of like just dirt brown like my hair. I also wish my hair was lighter but it’s cool I guess. I’m freakishly tall for my age so I wish my body would just slow down a little. Also, I’m pale-ish so.. yeah.

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